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You heard it here (nearly) first!

1. Local uber-success story John Chow is running a contest on his blog for a bag full of great loot (great equates to things like a flip phone, for example) sponsored by market leverage. I’m in, and so can you be. Just pop on by his blog and leave a comment (and if you’re new to the blogosphere, we don’t spam! So don’t worry about entering).

2. If you need some art (I know I do) this is a must for Vancouverites:

The Cheaper Art Show
All art for $200

Free admission
Saturday, June 21, 2008
142 Waterstreet (old Storyeum building)
Vancouver BC

note: 75% of the sales go directly to the artist.

3. And if you use a mac, or are thinking of switching, here’s a deal that got me and the local AppleStore in 24hours, thanks to Buzz Bishop:

2523289618_125a8f381e_m.jpgApple give 52 1-hour one-on-one tutorials for $100. For real. Conditions are you go max once/week. They have a series of topics and tutorial plans, but you can also ask for whatever help you need. For example, I now can use ichat to visit mom in the nwt via video. My most recent sessions and the next ones are helping me create a podcast.

The genius of this great deal struck me: if I only go a couple times, they make money. If I go a lot of times, I become deeply embedded into mac = my loyalty, plus, I can help others with their macs.

Now, how can I figure out something similar for the bank I work for …

photo credit: lucke.justin


Hal Wilson was one of those teachers they base movies on. He let us stray from the topic at hand into the Stuff of Life that Matters, often.

He was the first person I knew who used the word Integrity and talked about it. A lot. He said his integrity was the single most important thing in his life. Without it, he felt he lost a lot of what it meant to be a man.

As an adult, I reflect back and know better how brave it was for him to say such things. It’s easier not to talk about it, because most of us don’t live into values like integrity very well.  Plus, living into it is often costly, and we’d rather not do it, truth be told. So we’d prefer not to admit to anyone, maybe not even ourselves, that it’s something we aim for.

And yet, do any you readers of this post regret a single instance in which you chose to act with integrity, even if it cost you?

The times you chose the hard path because it was the right thing to do, and you knew it?

The times you didn’t go with the crowd?

The times you stood up for a deeply held principle?

Odds are, even if you paid a price, you have a sense of dignity and a good energy in that memory.

Contrast that with the times we messed up – when we didn’t play quite fair, when we took credit at someone else’s expense, when we won the battle but in our heart of hearts know we compromised the war, even as we ourself, momentarily, looked good. Isn’t there a part of us that, even if we don’t fully regret it, acknowledges that we won, but at our own expense?

I don’t know that babies have integrity. But the more we can live into it, the more we sleep like babies. I’m not sayin’ how well I sleep yet… but I hope it gets deeper with age.

Photo credit: Qole


A little early – too excited to wait 🙂

Some shameless promotion for my bank: Citizens Bank of Canada is sponsoring a contest for their community site, Hockey Stars (launching fully a little later).

Here’s the contest:

submit your favourite photo or video connected to hockey and you could win:

Grand Prize: $1000 gift card

Second/Third Prize: XBOX 360

Visit HockeyStars.Com to enter!

ps: fellow bloggers – if you want to post this on your blogs, have at ‘er! I’d (we’d) be delighted for the word to spread. Either right click the image, or leave me a comment if you want me to e-mail it.

It’s getting late and I have LOST episodes to catch up on so here’s a couple brief goodies:

Vancouver has a new Sample Store, with some sweet deals this weekend. If you’re on facebook, join the group to keep updates flowing.

Hockey fans and players will want to check out the new community site HockeyStars.com and enter for some prizes. (Full disclosure – it’s powered by Citizens Bank of Canada, my (patient) employer).

Loads of stuff!

Army & Navy Shoe Sale til the 27th

BC Book Prize soiree for the literati, at the Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver, Sat. Apr 19th (free)

Heads up: Linens ‘n Things has filed for bankruptcy. Not to be a vulture…but… keep alert to firesales.

CIVITAS discussion group presents a talk by Dr.Michael Byers
Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC.
Dr. Byers will discuss his recently published book “Intent for a Nation: What is Canada For?”
Where does Canada stand in the world?
Can we rediscover our national self-confidence? These are issues Dr. Byers will also be addressing.

SFU at Harbour Centre, Labatt Room
Thursday, May 1, 2008 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Admission by donation ($5 suggested)
For reservations, call 778-782-5100.
For more information, call Mary at 604-687-8695

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