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 We all know my plan for the economy.

Here’s what the men with the power are doing:

 Obama’s rescue plan is taking shape and it’s bigger than anticipated:   $500Billion in new-jobs spending and tax cuts.   Injecting money is one of the only options left to stimulate consumers into spending, since interest rates are already at near zero.

We can only hope that this ear-marked money can indeed go to job creation (think: green infrastructure projects) and not to yet more bail-outs.

And in Canada, Harper is also considering a deficit budget, the first in seventeen years. His take on the economic outlook? “We are talking here about the development of economic conditions around the world and in the industrialized world that we have not seen in over 70 years,”  Mr. Harper said.

Hold on tight folks.  And make friends fast.  We may need all the community and support we can get for a while.

2522609853_a8e786fc86_m.jpgJust a short thot.   I’m utterly fatigued of words like Abundance.   ProsperityWealth.

They have the odour, for me, of negligent obliviousness to the fact that we are not paying, and have not paid for a long, long time, the true cost of our acquisitions that constitute this so-called wealth.  We’ve been naively content to let people (women and children especially) in developing countries pay the price, and of course, the planet.   See:  The Story of Stuff among many other indictments.  (note: I include myself in this paragraph!)

Furthermore striving for abundance (etc.) is based on a false premise:  That we do not currently have enough, and that we will feel better if we somehow attain a threshold we can call abundance, prosperity, ad nauseum.   Problem is, that threshold rarely is defined and we never arrive there.

I have a secret hope that as the false-ness built into our economies, esp. those of us in North America, continues to be exposed for its vacuousness (like flying on private jets to ask for massive taxpayers’ handouts) and deception (like Bhopal),  that we will insist, absolutely insist, that we rebuild a better way of doing economics.  It may mean pared down wardrobes, fewer shoes and even (gasp!) an end to dog fashion.   Really, I just don’t care about those things so much anymore – do you?

Might we be willing to exchange our abundance for an abundance of clean air and clean water?

Might we be willing to exchange our prosperity for basic nutrition for children around the world?

Might we be willing to exchange our wealth for creating an economy where the genius and creativity of individuals have a fighting chance to actualize regardless of country of birth?

I’d do it in a heartbeat.

PS:  So – if anyone’s looking for a money coach who’s going to cheerlead enroute to further excess , I guess I’m not your gal.   But if you, like me, want to wisely and thoughtfully manage your money so that our presence on earth is a net benefit to the global community and planet, not a net loss, let’s talk.

PPS:  I haven’t got it all figured out yet either.  But I’m sure trying.

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You’ve heard by now that the US auto industry is in it up to the tops of their heads.

The Big Three  are experiencing a drop in sales the likes of which they haven’t seen in a quarter century.

And as Charles Wilson (as in  Charlie Wilson’s War) said, “What’s good for GM is good for America.”

The auto-industry is now extending this to,  “What’s good for the auto-industry is good for Ontario” – or rather, “help us out to the tune of $2.5+Billion, or you’re gonna fail the pain.”  (sotto voce:  we already gave Ford Canada $100M in 2004)

And it’s true:  this year, 15,000 jobs have been lost to date, and there would be many more – “hundreds of thousands“, says CAW president, bleakly.

It’s galling that Canadians should have to help out US car manufacturers – the very ones who snuffed out the electric car in favour of SUVs, ’nuff said.

But if we don’t, and if the US Gov’t does, all the jobs will go to the States (and Obama may be protectionist enough to want this anyway), never to return to Canada.

Readers:  What do you think?  Given the Cdn auto industry accounts for 12% of all manufacturing in Canada, and that refusing to help bail out likely would cost well over 100,000 jobs plus the economic spin-offs, should we cough up the money?








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November 11, 2008

Have I ever told you I met a canadian spy?  I did.  And a handsome one too;  tall, silver hair, steely blue eyes.  It was many years ago.   I was working for the Canada Employment Centre for Students during university and we received in error a fax from Hawaii with details of US military personnel itineraries.  The cover sheet looked something like the Stealth.  High drama in the office when we received it, let me tell you! In any case, said spy came in and crisply asked us to turn over the documents, and that was that.  *le sigh*.

More seriously, some factoids about the Cdn budget and military/defense tax dollar expenditures:

Since my encounter, the budget for CSIS has more than doubled$356 Million for 2008.

N00b spies on probation (which takes 5 years) start out with a salary in the mid 50Ks and move up to the 70K range.

In 2006, we injected $5.3 Billion into the Department of National Defence as part of the Canada First Defence Strategy.

$6 Million has been allocated towards enhanced drivers’ licences.  This particular one is seriously concerning, folks – sounds innocuous, enhanced, but what it means is biometric data about you will be embedded into your driver’s licenses.  We will be required to swipe these, for instance, every time we cross the border, starting 2009.  This means the US is collecting very intimate information about you and storing it …well, who knows where or how securely?

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never been a member of a political party in my life.

This past Saturday, I was invited to hear Bob Rae speak, and while I was genuinely interested in hearing him, I felt uncomfortable being there.  A. I was an imposter and B.  I realized I don’t just want to tweak our economic system, I want an overhaul.

This means I’ll likely never in my lifetime be part of a majority.  I will probably always be in the fray, but as the dissenter, not as someone with power.


But I’ll be in damn fine company.  I’ve joined the http://greenparty.ca/.


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