A Money Coach in Canada

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Melanie seeks Nancy’s help dealing with her debt.

I’m doing my best to be a paparazzo at the Digital Launch Party for YourMoneyByDesign, so here is the slideshow so far today. As the day goes on, more pictures will be added, so check back regularly.

Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

We’ll be doing a Twitter chat off and on all day, so keep checking back as this is updated. If you want to join in, the hashtags to use are #ymbd and #money. If you’re not on Twitter, you can just email us your comments to [email protected] and they’ll go in the CoverItLive window automatically.

Here’s Nancy giving you the scoop on money coaching, wallet control, and helping people through YourMoneyByDesign.com.

Pre-launch surprise: Seeing if we can reach the famous John Chow!

Skip to exactly 4:00 on the video if you don’t want to hear a whole lot of “are we live? Which do we click now?” sort of chaos. What can we say, live events are lively!

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