A Money Coach in Canada

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Wow – this is an intense one.  She’s not a client, but someone I just got to talking to.   She’s on extremely limited income (approx $18K annually) and because she owes CRA from about 10 years ago has to operate outside the banking system!  Every cheque she gets has to go through money mart, which charges $8 per cheque cashed.  When the cheque itself is only for $30, that’s virtually extortion!   My question isn’t so much about money mart ethics as this:  does anyone out there know how long CRA will come after you?  At what point could she safely come inside, so to speak, and stop this craziness?

OK, this isn’t directly money related, but …garbage strikes are miserable all ’round.   Here’s someone who can help, and here’s his pricing (totally reasonable):Thomas Goodall of Fresh Start Recycling. Cell:  778-773-2297Office: 604-637-6400His offer:

$5 per bag, you can fit two standard curb-side bags in a bin, so each

bin is $10 approx. 

We’re charging $5 per bag for 1 – 5 bags, and $3 for

each additional bag when it’s 6+. 4 bags are $20, 5 bags are $25, 6 bags

are $28 and so on. 

The minimum charge is $20 per house, but if I can

get a bunch of houses in a neighbourhood than I may not charge the

minimum per house.  


If you support the unions or labour you’re free to write the mayor a

letter, but that letting a raccoon have a field day in your garage with

your trash is not the way to solidarity; It’s just hosting a raccoon



-Thomas racoon.jpg



This looks like it’s in Canada (note the currency):  and idea which mall?? (not cookstown!)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8Wifi_77I]

Disclaimer: this post it not for the faint-of-heart – read at your own risk!

phoneOne of my favourite bloggers is Merlin Mann, who among other blogs such as 43 folders (productivity) has a fun blog “5ves“. Here are his suggestions for 5 things to say to telemarketers or collections calls:

  1. I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with human sacrifice?
  2. Seriously, will you still be this interested in me after we’ve dated for a while?
  3. Would you be able to tell if I were defecating right now?
  4. I am French. Your money means nothing to me.
  5. I can smell your panties through the phone.

We’re midway through the summer, folks, and there are still lots and lots of free or nearly free events to indulge in. Let’s max out on summer!

  1. Illuminares Lantern Festival, Trout Lake Park, this Saturday evening. Mysterious, enchanting, it’s another worldlemonade altogether.
  2. Cultural Islamic Festival July 27, 28 11am-7pm by the Vancouver Art Gallery, celebrating diversity.
  3. Caribbean Days Festival this weekend at the Waterfront Park in North Van. Huge turnouts, crazy fun.
  4. Fireworks! Starting tonight (Wed., then next Sat., Wed., and Sat) over English Bay.
  5. and then of course, there’s a simple glass of lemonade on the deck, with a magazine and some great tunes on the stereo.