A Money Coach in Canada

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This week was different.  Typically as a money coach, I work with middle-income Canadians.

This week, I met with a group of people in recovery.  I counted it a privilege.

I was there to talk about putting a financial life back together.   Many in the room had once had a sound financial life, but the addiction had trashed everything.  Everything.

We started talking about savings. And then they told me something that left me silenced.  To a person, they now deliberately spent money as fast as it came, because they so desperately did not want the temptation there to return to their addiction.

The full scope of what they’ve got to deal with began to sink in. I had a few suggestions.. but if you had been in my place, what would you have offered?

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I wonder: would a highly successful money-coaching company founder (ahem, with a seminar series for single parents commencing in 2 weeks) park her plane in her backyard? If Greg Kerfoot can convince the port authority to give public land to his stadium, I have reason to hope …

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I get excited when I hear about anyone who decides to empower themselves around money. Imagine my excitement when I discovered one of my earlier bosses, who was a real role model to me when I was a kid in Yellowknife fresh out of college, had initiated a group of women in Victoria who are opening up the taboo money-topic with other women via lunches and workshops? And more than that — focussing explicitly on the ‘feminine’ aspects of money? Here’s how the group evolved, what they’re up to in Victoria, and some thoughts about feminine energy around money.

Million Dollar Women – Our Story

Back in September of 2005, we were all sitting together at the VI Women’s Business Network Let’s Do Lunch (we are all active members) at Spinnakers and were getting to know a new gal whose business is in the financial world. One thing led to another until we found ourselves chatting about the Rich Dad, Poor Dad board games. We thought there might be a need for an opportunity here especially for women. So it was decided to get together and play the games just to see.

We gathered in the way that women usually do, at the Queensleys’ home bringing pot luck and some wine for lunch. We have met weekly since then, always beginning with some lunch together and processing the previous week’s learning. The wine is now only occasional since we are all concerned over weight and getting something accomplished.

First we played the children’s game and moved up to Cash Flow 1 & 2. It was such fun to explore and learn together. In the early days we did a lot of brainstorming about the possibilities since we all have so much to offer, but we are not financial planners or analysts or millionaires. Through our own exploration and study, we discovered that everything to do with money is usually presented from a left brain, masculine perspective. How could we present this information from the right brain, feminine perspective? We went to work and The Joy of Money Program was developed.

We realized that we do a lot of feminine things really well, and we need only apply our own experiences and qualifications. After all, we are all adult educators, facilitators, coaches, writers, and consummate networkers. We are quite comfortable in our feminine skin and yet are also comfortable in the money world, having run our own businesses, raised families and live the law of attraction

Here’s what we have observed about our feminine process:
• Found a common interest
• Attracted by a business potential
• Came together over food – a pot luck (weekly)
• Share our experiences from the past
• Lots of listening & supporting
• Played the games
• Discussed our observations and learning
• Explored and acknowledged our personality types.
• Began developing our Business Charter
• Explored our Vision – what it would look like.
• Put together our program concept.
• Tried working together on a prototype (WBN)
• Agreed we each contribute what we are best at.
• Consensus decisions
• Equal contribution & investment.
• Lots of brainstorming.
• Exploration of the masculine & feminine.
• First session followed by processing what worked & didn’t.
• No competition – we don’t grab opportunities to plug our own businesses
• We honour each other’s weaknesses
• We share our own business materials willingly

You can learn more about the Million Dollar Women and The Joy of Money Program at www.themilliondollarwomen.blogspot.com

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