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What kind of relationship do you have with your money?

Is it healthy? Unhealthy? Toxic?

Are you intimately in touch with your money, or woefully out of touch — and headed for trouble?

Are you in control of your money, or is it in control of you?

Does it support you and serve you, or does it cause you anxiety and sleepless nights?

Listen to my recommendations about how to start developing a healthy relationship with your money on this CBC interview:

Relationship with Money CBC Interview

Want further support?
1. My simply $25 online program will get you in better touch with your money, and help you gain control of problem areas.
2. This book has some thoughtful research and great ideas. I’m not thrilled with the look and feel and tone of the advertising but it’s full of great stuff.

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In Debt? How Canadian of you!

In this segment of CBC North’s The Trailbreaker, which aired Feb, 2013, you’ll find out from me:

  • how you stack up to other Canadians
  • why the headlines are often misleading imo
  • the most important thing you should do about handling your debt
  • what NOT to do in handling your debt
  • and some personal experience of my own re: debt!

If debt has got you down, you should also check out my simple $25 online program. It helped me, and has helped hundreds of people by now and it can help you.

But first – listen to the interview:

CBC Debt-1

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