A Money Coach in Canada

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The blogosphere brings all manner of awesome opportunities!

Here’s one for all of us: Intuit has offered that I can interview one of their Canadian tax experts who will provide a “top of the line”, personalized response to questions posed.

So, readers, bring ’em on: What are your burning tax questions? Note: if you’re sensitive to privacy on this, create a fake username on the comment form and use some kind of anonymous e-mail address (which is not displayed, by the way).

I’ll kick us off with a question I’m feeling like a dufus about, personally:

When I moved from Vancouver to Yellowknife, I carefully tucked away all my business financial info. But for the life of me, I *cannot find it* since I unpacked up here a year ago! I’ve torn the house apart! Budgeting, saving, self-directed investing I’m good at. Figuring out how to handle this? Not.So.Much. So my question for the tax expert will be: When a business owner loses her financial documents and records, what should she do to try to piece it all together?

There. I did it. You can do it too. ASK AWAY!