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Wow – 700 people in Vancouver lose their jobs as e-bay shuts down their Vancouver operations.

I remember clearly when it opened, and I’ve known a handful of pals who worked there.  Sad.


Photo Credit: Zazie

Sometimes I wonder, when did my life stop being so fun?  And then I remember that I picked my job over my friends.

That’s the caption (but not the postcard photo) over on the PostSecret blog today.

It reminded me of an incident in my early 30s.   My best friend, as in BFF, was getting married.  A couple weeks before the wedding, she had invited the bridesmaids to try on our dresses (which were fantastic, and I wore mine multiple times in the next few years, for the record), then was taking us out to Milestones on English Bay for brunch.

Things were really tense at my workplace those days.   We had a new boss, a micro-manager, plus the business was not going well.  I was new on my job, in over my head, and putting in long hours.  I told her I likely couldn’t spare the hours on that Saturday morning.

Thank God, I came to my senses, albeit it reluctantly, and eventually opted to go for the fitting and the brunch.   We had an absolutely lovely time, and it remains part of my collection of memories about her wedding.

I only stayed in the job a few more months, and within a couple more years the business went under.

My friend has remained my BFF for the past two decades and is one of the people who I most trust, and rely on (in addition to just having fun with her and her family!)

Can you imagine if I’d been so foolish as to exchange the brunch for getting a few hours work done? What was I thinking?
Readers, how ’bout you?  Have you ever sacrificed something that you regret, for some hours at the office?

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