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Lululemon, Vancouver’s Chip Wilson’s wild success story, went from $18usd to $29.98usd between Friday, when it first became available for the public to purchase,  and this morning (Tuesday).yoga pants

It’s sexy, exciting and you won’t catch me buying it.

Why not?  I’ve purchased a couple clothing companies which had  flashes of glory (Le Chateux did me well),  but I’ve also purchased a few Cdn. companies that tried to make it big in the states, only to come home with their tail between their legs (to my regret, as much as anyone!).   I’m simply not convinced lululemon will manage to take it to the next level (ie. U.S. retail market) and continue being profitable enough to justify the current stock price.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Others who are credentialled (I’m not!  This is just an amateur’s take on the thing!) say yes, go for it.  Plus, I declined buying google, thinking it was overpriced.  Alas.  I could have been a millionaire by now! So make up your own mind.  I’m just sayin’ ….

How can we possibly purchase a designer outfit, when there are humans without enough food? How can I buy a gorgeous persian carpet that may have been made with child labour? … or for that matter how can I buy LuLu lemon which also may have been made by children?

I have a radical streak that talks to me periodically, and this weekend I heard the voice again. I wonder if I should adopt a lifestyle of extreme simplicity. Give all I have to the poor etc. How can I sleep on my comfortable, queen-sized bed when there’s a man across the street from me on the sidewalk, sleeping against an air vent for warmth?

But. and I don’t think this is an illegitimate “but”. There is such a thing as quality, and surely that has inherent merit as well. I’ve worn designer clothes, and while it may not always be the case, the ones I’ve worn have lasted longer, looked better, and given me a lot more pleasure than the knock-offs. I’ve driven ‘flashy cars’ and while I currently opt to use public transit as my way of contributing to the environment, I reserve the hope that someday BMW will be eco-friendly enough that I can buy a gorgeous piece of auto machinery.

So far now, I’m sticking with my middle-class lifestyle, but reaffirming my intention to buy quality that contributes to a home of beauty, and absolutely not buy the crap that clutters.

Wow – this is an intense one.  She’s not a client, but someone I just got to talking to.   She’s on extremely limited income (approx $18K annually) and because she owes CRA from about 10 years ago has to operate outside the banking system!  Every cheque she gets has to go through money mart, which charges $8 per cheque cashed.  When the cheque itself is only for $30, that’s virtually extortion!   My question isn’t so much about money mart ethics as this:  does anyone out there know how long CRA will come after you?  At what point could she safely come inside, so to speak, and stop this craziness?

OK, this isn’t directly money related, but …garbage strikes are miserable all ’round.   Here’s someone who can help, and here’s his pricing (totally reasonable):Thomas Goodall of Fresh Start Recycling. Cell:  778-773-2297Office: 604-637-6400His offer:

$5 per bag, you can fit two standard curb-side bags in a bin, so each

bin is $10 approx. 

We’re charging $5 per bag for 1 – 5 bags, and $3 for

each additional bag when it’s 6+. 4 bags are $20, 5 bags are $25, 6 bags

are $28 and so on. 

The minimum charge is $20 per house, but if I can

get a bunch of houses in a neighbourhood than I may not charge the

minimum per house.  


If you support the unions or labour you’re free to write the mayor a

letter, but that letting a raccoon have a field day in your garage with

your trash is not the way to solidarity; It’s just hosting a raccoon



-Thomas racoon.jpg



This looks like it’s in Canada (note the currency):  and idea which mall?? (not cookstown!)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8Wifi_77I]

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